Abhorrence (Single Version)

by Temple Of Athena

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Banished to the eternal realm (purgatory) after being violently murdered, a young man spends, what feels like an eternity trapped alone with his thoughts, eventually he loses his mind and gives into the darkness that flows throughout his own eternal realm.

He subjects himself to the darkness and lets it fester into bitter and utter disgust for humanity.
He desperately pleads to the gods to free himself from this curse he is forever bound to, hoping that one day he will be reborn to the world and take vengeance upon those who did him wrong.


I wait alone for the day i be reborn.
Isolated in the depths of the dead.

Left confined in a conscious state.
Doomed to roam the void eternally.

Boundless torment and unceasing pain!
With each minute my sanity is growing thin.

I feel the darkness envelop me!
I have no choice but to let it in.

For an eternity of suffering has amounted to my current mindset.
My mindset is an abundance of abhorrence,
Towards humanity.
This world has abandoned me!

Blood drips from the hands of man,
Upon the ground which we stand,
It's in our sinful nature to defy all man.

It's in our sinful nature to defy all man!

As my conscious lingers,
I beg the gods for forgiveness!
‘Please let me live another life
So i can take the lives, of those who ended mine!’

The souls of the damned
All those contained with me shall arise from the void,
to be enslaved by me.

The anger and torment which dwells inside my mind,
exudes from my body,
and takes on new forms.
This world will fear my eternal abhorrence.

My abhorrence towards this world.
The abhorrence that dwells in me.

The abhorrence towards this world.


released July 20, 2016
Vocals/Lyrics: Dan Basri
Guitars: Jake Schultz, Jesse Drake, Qadir Sabile
Bass: Brandon Rayfield
Drums: Jessie Borden

Produced by Hugh Atkinson.



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Temple Of Athena Adelaide, Australia

We are just a bunch of dudes from Adelaide, South Australia.


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